• mellowmayo


Some say all resort holidays are pretty much the same. Yet in April, we had a delightful stay at The Pavilions Bali which filled us with surprises with its many unique features.

Located in the heart of the seaside town of Sanur, The Pavilions Bali is both convenient and secluded. Its long and serene bamboo alley leading to the entrance acts as a gateway to a piece of heaven on earth. Whilst many tourist attractions are nearby, none of the buzz was audible once we got inside the resort and we felt a world away.

Taking a dip in petals-filled pool is one of my floral fantasies. The special arrangement came with the Heaven On Earth in-villa dinner which is one of The Pavilions Bali’s signature dining experiences.

Another very special feature of The Pavilions Bali: the ancient sacred tower located just next to the hotel’s main pool, giving the usual pool experience a traditional Balinese vibe. I read that its name is Kul Kul tower, and it was once a village gathering point for villagers to share news.

Having a pampering spa treatment gave the perfect ending to our stay. The Coconut Passion treatment is unlike anything I had experienced before. The therapists used warm coconut virgin oil and fresh coconut flakes in the massage which exfoliated and nourished my skin at the same time. As I am now recalling the experience, it seems that the calming tropical scent of coconut is still lingering. It’s the ultimate indulgence.

For more info, visit The Pavilions Bali’s website: https://www.pavilionshotels.com/bali