• mellowmayo


It was September 2019, my first time in London, and first time travelling by myself.

I was there to attend a millinery course for 5 days, and stayed behind for a few days to explore the city. Going back to school has brought me joy although I have to face the harsh reality that I have absolutely no talent and patience in hat making.

Maybe it was never about the course. Maybe it was just an excuse for me to experience travelling by myself with no plan, no rush, no non-stop shooting.

Visited The Coal Office by Tom Dixon and Assaf Granit twice, it's just that good, from the decor and the vibe to the Middle Eastern x Mediterranean gastronomic delights. Unmissable.

Mind blown and enlightened by the Olafur Eliasson exhibition at Tate Modern. FYI that lovely silhouette is not mine.