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Did you know that 11am is the best time to drink champagne?  It’s the time when our taste buds are supposed to get the best flavor from the bubbly marigold beauty.  Well 11am may be the best, but we all know it’s always a good time for champagne.

Just one of the many things I had learned during my trips in Reims and Saint-Tropez with Veuve Clicquot.  

The lovely garden pictured above is in Hotel du Marc, the private hotel of the brand in Reims, where we the clicquologists had the privilege to discover the heritage of Madame Clicquot.

Over a hundred years before women even had the right to vote in France, Madame Clicquot took over the management of Maison Clicquot upon the death of her husband and imbued the brand with audacity and creativity:  she invented the riddling table to eliminate the bottle deposit completely and thereby conceived the first ever entirely transparent champagne.   By blending white and red wines before secondary fermentation in the bottle, she had also created the first Rosé d’assemblage.

That pioneering spirit and passion for novelty live on.   In 2015, Veuve Clicquot introduced the Rich collection for mixology, encouraging everyone to discover the playful side of champagne drinking.

We took a mixology master class during our stay in Hotel du Marc and were asked to come up with revolutionary recipes.  Guess what, the unlikely pair of beetroot and Rich Rosé (the one I was holding above) tastes surprisingly good and refreshing.  You have to taste it to believe it.

Our recipes in Saint-Tropez: the romantic orange slices + bitter + Rich Brut, the super refreshing mint + lime + Rich Rosé, the interesting tomato + Rich Rosé (bubbly Mary?) and of course the classic cucumber + Rich Brut

The iconic colors of Saint-Tropez and Pantone 137C a.k.a Clicquot yellow.