25. December 2014


Sharing is the spirit of Christmas.  Sharing laughter, warmth and delicacy with your loved ones is what makes the festival so special and worth the anticipation.

This year, the Wonders of Christmas Gift Box and Holiday Macaron Gift Box by the best craftsman chocolatier of France, La Maison Du Chocolat, has certainly made sharing a lot sweeter and luscious.  Click in to find out more about the exclusive seasonal collections!

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22. December 2014


The idea of doing a special themed shoot had been brewing for long enough. It’s my great pleasure to do it for the first time with one of the top stylists and bloggers in Hong Kong - Veronica of www.vnikali.com, whose graceful and sophisticated style has captivated many, and whom I’m proud to call my friend.

Together we did some planning for the shoot, but many unexpected things occured: the unbearably heavy wind at Victoria Peak Garden (which looks so dreamy tho right?), the colors of the balloons looking not so xmassy in photos (those yellow ones are supposed to be golden…) and the temper tantrum of the photographer (i.e. my husband) due to the traffic condition…

Despite all that, we still managed to have fun during the shoot and looking at the photos (especially the outtakes) brings smile on my face every time.

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19. December 2014


配襯聖誕服飾的手袋, 大家可能會挑紅的綠的或有水晶閃片的。  如果想華麗而低調, 又不失節日氣氛, 這個 Reebonz 有售的 Fendi 小包是很不錯的選擇啊!

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30. November 2014


If you are still looking for X’mas dresses or outfits, I have an assortment of ideas for you!

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28. November 2014


The pattern of updating the blog every two weeks or so is far from ideal.   I must have like 50 unblogged outfits *gasp*.

This is a new fall look featuring the baby yellow blazer from Chictopia Shop, and there are some old looks (all the way back to May…) featuring other adorable items from Chictopia so if you feel like having a break from fw outfits, do click in!

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