02. June 2014


Regardless of being an avid advocate for color therapy, recently I’m rather drawn to the charm and cooling effect (at least visually) of white, a color that is arguably, not a color.

I don’t like to talk about the weather too often, as much as I don’t like to start a sentence with “I”, but let me do it one last time before, say, October: it’s so unforgivably and suffocatingly hot here these days! I wanna do nothing else except lying on the couch with a big bucket of pistachio ice-cream, looping the lazy song…. except I can’t.

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25. May 2014


This post features two very different outfits but they have one thing in common: the key pieces are all designed by HK talents and they are even made in HK!

Suu Ho, the founder of 1.618 Couture & Bridal who worked for Julien McDonald & Preen, is the mind behind this dreamy, princessy cascading dress. It’s an absolute stunner and had extinguished my vulgarity temporarily.

As to the meaning of 1.618, it is the golden ratio, the divine proportion that is closest to perfection.

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21. May 2014


It can be warm
It can be cool
Click in to see…
The different hues of blue!

*feeling blue about the fact that my poem writing remains at elementary school level*

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11. May 2014


It is raining so heavily outside that the red rainstorm signal has just been hoisted, which makes looking back at these floral themed outfits with glitzy sparkly Swarovski jewelries particularly refreshing!

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07. May 2014


It’s a short 3d2n trip but I’ve taken loads of photos.  Every corner of Cingjing is picture perfect and we had so much fun playing with our meh-ing friends!  They constantly wear this faint smile and it’s so endearing.

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