16. March 2014


Yes, this purse is totally impractical, but isn’t it absolutely adorable?  It took me less than 5 seconds to decide to get it and what I said to myself was, “I’ll just treat it as a big statement jewelry, so why would it matter that my wallet can’t fit in?”

I think it lights up an outfit, do you agree?

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09. March 2014


The highlight of this outfit is of course the smiling cat scarf.  I love the pencil sketch design and the teal color so much that it’s actually my second purchase from the same collection.

Click below to see the smiling bear scar and let me know which one you like more!

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04. March 2014


Slightly over a month ago, I said it here that “plaid shirt is definitely not my wardrobe staple…”.   Well things have changed a little since then.

Truth be told, I now would wear flannel everyday if I could, a notion unimaginable to my month-ago self.   I’ve even developed an interest in field jackets! Howe else to explain it?

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04. March 2014


How different Nicolas Ghesquière’s vision for Louis Vuitton will be from that of Marc Jacobs? We are all dying to find out!

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02. March 2014


…are the shapes of my two new sunnies!

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