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25. March 2015


The new Coach envisioned by Stuart Vevers is a brand that celebrates individuality and passionate creativity. Your bag may not be one of a kind by default, but it is certainly in your power to make it so.

Adding a bit of magic with the sailor moon wands and holy grail is how I make my lavender Swagger bag unlike any other, entirely and unmistakably mine.  I am in the course of collecting all the miniatures so chances are I will keep chaining until it can hold no more.

INSIDE: Celebrity and street styles with Swagger bags of difference size + More ideas on how you can showcase your uniqueness with your Swagger bag!

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22. December 2014


The idea of doing a special themed shoot had been brewing for long enough. It’s my great pleasure to do it for the first time with one of the top stylists and bloggers in Hong Kong - Veronica of, whose graceful and sophisticated style has captivated many, and whom I’m proud to call my friend.

Together we did some planning for the shoot, but many unexpected things occured: the unbearably heavy wind at Victoria Peak Garden (which looks so dreamy tho right?), the colors of the balloons looking not so xmassy in photos (those yellow ones are supposed to be golden…) and the temper tantrum of the photographer (i.e. my husband) due to the traffic condition…

Despite all that, we still managed to have fun during the shoot and looking at the photos (especially the outtakes) brings smile on my face every time.

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01. November 2013


to say that this shirt is “inspired” by the burberry heart print shirt with rubber collar is an understatement. so if you ask me did i hesitate to get it? of course i did. but after my inner demon said to me “just get it, then you can stop thinking about the burberry one, and then you can use the money to buy another pair of valentino shoes instead…or charlotte olympia’s! it’s entirely up to you.”, the deal was sealed.

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26. July 2013

a bit of everything

marshmallow color dominating the fw13 catwalks! great great news for pink lovers like moi!

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06. June 2013


alice + olivia will be opening its first hong kong store at ifc mall later this month!

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