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02. June 2014


Regardless of being an avid advocate for color therapy, recently I’m rather drawn to the charm and cooling effect (at least visually) of white, a color that is arguably, not a color.

I don’t like to talk about the weather too often, as much as I don’t like to start a sentence with “I”, but let me do it one last time before, say, October: it’s so unforgivably and suffocatingly hot here these days! I wanna do nothing else except lying on the couch with a big bucket of pistachio ice-cream, looping the lazy song…. except I can’t.

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07. May 2014


It’s a short 3d2n trip but I’ve taken loads of photos.  Every corner of Cingjing is picture perfect and we had so much fun playing with our meh-ing friends!  They constantly wear this faint smile and it’s so endearing.

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24. March 2014


Just realised that whenever I feel unsure about a dress, I would resolve to add a white collar to it, which indeed seems to have solved all styling conundrums encountered thus far.

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10. February 2014


unless there are exceptional circumstances, these lemon chiffon caged heels would be my last purchase from the rockstud shoes collection.   however, it’s more likely than not that i will give a wide interpretation to the term “exceptional circumstances”.

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03. February 2014


we are having a long weekend here in hong kong to celebrate the arrival of the year of the horse (and trying hard not to let the fact that tmr is the last day of holiday bother me…)!

when it comes to chinese new year, it’s all about family and friends gatherings, turnip cake overload and wearing auspicious colors. but please bear with me for the rather expressionless face which is not very cny-ish, these pix were actually taken last month hehe~

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