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22. April 2014


A simple word, a complicated concept.

As summer is fast approaching,  I can’t stop pondering which of the following is more “free”:

1. To eat as much pistachio ice-cream and chips as I want; or
2. Being able to exercise my will power to free myself from the evil desire to eat as much pistachio ice-cream and chips as I want in return for a better health and possibly shape.

Mind-boggling huh?

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16. April 2014


The weather these days is even more weird than me. Sunny and freaking hot for a day, all chilly and gloomy the next with pouring rain. I feel like I’ve experienced all four seasons in two weeks so it’s little wonder that I can’t get rid of my flu completely despite a lapse of ove two months.

How to cure a whining mood? A pair of whimsical, playful shoes in the brightest colors possible! Look at mine in this outfit! Have you seen anything like it before? The straps with the leaves are just genius and the world just seems to be a wonderland when I’m walking in them. They are designed by Minna Parikka, a Finnish designer whom I had the pleasure to meet during her stay in Hong Kong. Believe me, Minna herself is as beautiful and sweet as her designs!

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13. April 2014


The slacker in me has been creeping in and taking control, hence the absence from the blog for two weeks.

To thank you, my dear readers, for not giving up on me completely, here is a big post of a bit of everything, hope you will enjoy reading it!

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30. March 2014


You may recall that I attended the grand opening of Dinh Van Paris in November last year, during which I had the chance to try on few pieces from their iconic Menottes collection.

In this picture, I was actually wearing six of their other lovely, contemporary designs. I know you can barely see them so please click in for their close up shots, and be very amazed by how beautiful they are.

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24. March 2014


Just realised that whenever I feel unsure about a dress, I would resolve to add a white collar to it, which indeed seems to have solved all styling conundrums encountered thus far.

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