When La Prairie makes a promise, it will be lived up to.   I speak from experience of being a loyal user of the brand’s products for years.

So when it says its latest innovation, the White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion, would infuse our skin with liquid light and let it glow within 4 weeks, I had no question that it would but I did wonder how.   I found the answers I need during my discovery of the science of light with La Prairie in Tokyo few months ago.

What prevent us from having a luminous complexion? Age spots, redness and greyness.   Inside each caviar pearl of the infusion are golden caviar extract, stable vitamin C and Diglucosyl Gallic acid, ingredients for reducing the intensity of melanin coloration and inflammation, while the caviar pearl shell is bio-activated to create a protective matrix over the skin, making pollution particles unable to penetrate our skin – they would just glide off our skin during cleansing.

Behind the extensive scientific efforts in giving us youthful and luminous skin is Dr. Daniel Stangl, La Prairie’s Director of Innovation.   It’s my great pleasure to meet with Dr. Stangl in Tokyo and have a little interview with him:-

Mayo: What is the common misconception about skincare that annoys you the most?

Dr. Stangl: There’s certainly one thing which I feel we the cosmetic industry should educate consumers. This is about how many active ingredients you need. There are still people who feel “the more the better”. This is only one part of the story, the other part is, whether the active ingredients are working or not depends on the formula. If you look at the UV filters, for example, they stay on the surface of the skin to protect it from UV, the spreading of the UV filters depends heavily on the formulation. That means, you can use a high % of UV filters, but if the spreading is bad, you do not get the high SPF. For all those active ingredients that have to go into the skin in order to be active, you really have to bring that into the skin. It doesn’t matter if you have 5%, 10% or 20% Vitamin C, if the Vitamin C doesn’t go into the skin, it’s a waste of the Vitamin C, you would just wash it off in the evening. So the thinking that “more is better”, based on pure numbers, is nonsense. It’s always the numbers plus the formulation, for the active ingredients to penetrate into the skin.

Mayo: What is the most enjoyable part of your job that you can share with us?

Dr. Stangl: I would say having press events like this (laughs). I can get a lot of feedbacks from you editors you know, what’s important for your readers, this gives me a lot of information needed to know about consumers. That’s why I really enjoy talking to you. This is really something I enjoy. Of course I also enjoy developing innovative new technology, the science stuff is also exciting.

After learning everything about the Pearl Infusion, we were shown different artworks that are inspired by light.

A photograph by Ninagawa Mika

Immersive light art by Team Lab


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