Some words are meant to be together for the combined feel good factor they bring:  french and toast, rose and quartz, cotton and candy…

Say “silk cashmere” a few times, do you feel soothed already?   But wait until you let your skin feel its baby softness with GRANA’s latest lightweight knitwear collection.

The love child of Chinese silk and Mongolian cashmere is not only oh-so-soft but also incredibly light.   I’m especially delighted to see two of my favorite hues among the range of colors offered.

Glamming up the burgundy tank with the help of pearls and maxi tulle.

Antique rose oversized crew neck, which also comes in light heather grey, navy, charcoal and olive.

You can explore the full range of sweaters and cardigans for this transitional weather HERE.

GRANA has kindly extended the free shipping + 10% off offer to my readers up to the end of November so don’t forget to use the code MAYOXGRANA when you check out (:


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