Fun fact: silk has been recently proven to have bullet-stopping capabilities.

Not that the beautiful fabric needs this feature to make us fall in love with it, it’s fun to know nevertheless.

You may think I’m wearing a silk top here, but it’s actually a racerback trapeze dress by GRANA and I just put a tutu over it and ta-dah, I got an outfit perfect for a romantic night out or an occasion.

I love how the lilac hue makes the texture look even softer and dreamier.

Wrap a bf shirt around your waist and you have an easy breezy beach-y look.

And guess what, it’s totally office appropriate too with a tight top and belt.

Check out my 1-min video showcasing the 3 styles with 1 dress HERE!

Pretty sure I’ve made a convincing case that this is your wardrobe essential this summer.

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Happy shopping dearies!


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