The other day I was wondering what success means to me.

To many, it may be acquiring wealth and attaining power. But I wish for something simpler.

I wish to evolve creatively and express myself through the language of fashion and photography. I wish to discover the unseen and unknown by travelling, and let the experience help me grow as a person. I wish to learn something new everyday.

To keep me going, I may need a little reminder during the journey.

Here, I am wearing Amulette de Cartier necklace with the light green Chrysoprase Amulette, a precious stone that is traditionally used as a shield from negative energy and a symbol of fulfillment.

To let the true beauty of the Amulette shine, I opted for a plain top with minimal details. ¬†And doesn’t the gorgeous touch of light green look magnificent against this lightest shade of grey?

Take a closer look at the design of the Amulette, and you will see that its clasp is like a padlock holding our wishes and keeping it close to our hearts.

Discover all 7 colors of the Amulette HERE!

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