In February last year, I’ve already named a post “sss”, which stands for my favorite silhouette, shirt + skater skirt.

The “sss” here is all about this gorge top: sheer, striped and sequined.  It’s the epitome of casual glamour and I love it so much that I almost forgot how scratchy it is.

romwe filigree sunnies
choies sequined top
ootdmagazine steel blue midi skirt
valentino purse
chanel knot heels

karen walker sunnies
romwe embellished collar shirt
lulu’s sequined skirt
saint laurent mini betty purse
christian louboutin heels

This heavenly skirt has a heavenly name: eyes on the prize rose gold and blush sequin skirt~ And its description makes me oh so tipsy:  “Stripes of shimmering blush sequins glisten down the mesh overlay on this form fitting skirt, while a rose gold lining with a snake-like texture peeks through, adding a double dose of glitz.”  Now if only someone could hand me a glass of rosé …


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