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mirror sunnies, choies
fluo sweater, romwe
cat & dog flats, choies

aren’t these flats super adorable? those silly little faces! *cue “awwwww”* yea let’s end the cat v dog war with love and a statement that “i’m both a cat and dog person!” with these flats!

i got the leggings few years ago and never worn them. i couldn’t even remember where did i get them! i dunno how on earth did i let this pair of rad babes hidden in my drawer for so long. now that it has resurfaced please expect to see some more of it ;)

camo coat, choies
fluo lace dress, romwe
lace booties, sleeh

this must be my first camo item, if my memory serves me right. how nice it looks with fluo yellow and lace!

3 steps to win us$50 coupon plus a secret gift from choies:

1. like choies facebook HERE
2. register for a choies account HERE
3. leave a comment below with your email address and tell us what do you think of choies items before 15 april

up to 5 girls gotta win this time yay! winners will be chosen by and announced on this blog on 16 april.

all the best of luck!


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01. April 2013 by mellowmayo
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Comments (61)

  1. My email address :
    My opinion:
    Choies offers a lot of trend items in this season such as stripes, metallic, floral and flower, and so on with affordable price that makes people like to shopping in choies.

  2. love both of your outfits! the cat & dog shoes are too cute. i love the mirror sunglasses as well!! ♥


    Choies items are all really stylish and on trend which is why it’s very easy to love their products. Plus, they’re all affordable! I am also sure that their products have great quality which is why people keep coming back for more. The designs of the clothes are unique as well. Choies items are amazing!

  3. great giveaway!
    love choies, they have great cloth and of course the free worldwide shipping.
    Naama A
    nam12 [at]


    Choies, just like any other webstores, is keep on trying to empty all girls’ wallets.
    And they’re doing a pretty good job on doing so, too many cute things available !!!
    And I freakin love their jumpers and sweaters <3
    Plus, they are updating weekly with new products. sweet :)

    thankyou for the giveaway :)


    I love those cat/dog shoes <3 I think that I could spend much money for All those pretty things in Choies webshop.


    Choies products are a must-haves and a great addition in every girl’s closet. I really really love their items and just by staring at you, I must say that their products makes a girl look stunning and beautiful. I really love their service and their free shipping offer. Atleast, we can order many items without thinking of having a big amount of shipping fee.

  7. Choies is a great online store which offers the latest fashion trends at a really affordable price, plus it’s free shipping worldwide!

  8. That is a really pretty yellow top & cool panelled tights in the first photo.

  9. Email:

    I really like Choies’ clothing!! I’ve heard of them last year and I really want to buy an item from them since it’s my style. The clothes look so dainty and unique. They also arranged their products in a way that it can be easily browsed, which I really like!! Their clothes are also very affordable and what makes me love them even more is that they offer free shipping. If I would be given a chance to shop there, I’m really digging for the Kitty flats which I’ve been lusting for since January. :)

  10. Your first outfit is just STUNNING! I love it!

    Dress To Cook Blog

  11. Email:

    What I like the most about Choies is how affordable it is yet it still manages to keep up with all the trends. It’s great for me as a college student since I need to save up as much money as possible but shopping at Choies will still keep me being stylish without spending $1000s of dollars.

  12. 1. liked
    2. registered
    3. i like choies! haven’t had the chance to order anything yet, since i’m trying to live on a student’s budget, but they have a lot of cute, reasonably priced clothes!

  13. Done all the points!
    i like choies as, first of all, the shipping is free worldwide (I live in Belarus, which is rather far from China and some fashion sites want me to pay a fortune for shipping only. Ha-ha!). Then, the prices are really low and the variety of clothes is just enourmous!
    And of course I adore them as there always are different kinds of promos, giveaways and collaborations! xoxo Alena

  14. Super sexy, baby! I’m gonna play with you!

  15. Email :

    You gotta love choies, stylish and unique items and free worldwide shipping…love it!

  16. email:

    I think that choies items are damn cool and fun-looking though a bit expensive on the price.


    choies items are the perfect mix of comfort and style.

  18. I love how choies offers the trendiest pieces! They’re always the front runner when it comes to style. If your looking for the newest trend just check and they already have it! I’m really amazed how their collection is so diverse, stylish and oh so chic!

  19. paolira1235 at gmail dot com
    I like that Choies’s items are for different styles and trends.
    thanks for the giveaway :)
    ps : The first look is perfect por spring!
    a big kissu

  20. Email: dupy80(at)

    I love the variety of items Choies is offering right now.

    thanks for the opportunity ;)

  21. Choies always has great deals on the latest trends, the cat/dog flats are so cute!


    What I love at Choies is that it has variety of fashion statements. If you are a girly type, funk type, chic type, they have this clothes and accessories for you and it really fits on the trend. I really love the choice of clothes and looks that this site offered. <3

  23. I love choies items! They have a huge variety of items and amazing dresses.

  24. Choies have fashion and Items for Young and stylish people.
    The Items are not too expensive so that every body can buy Stylish fashion from the shop. If you want that the others say wow she is look like very cool. You must buy Items from these Shop.
    Cool, Cooler, choies

  25. I think Choies is great!
    It’s very very affordable but with very stilish items! I love it and I shop on their shop with very pleasure! It’s fantastic beacuse is free shipping! Thank you
    Samantha Tedesco

  26. OMG i love those cat & dog flats. i want them too. actually i like those funky and fun items choies. for me it’s hard to find any items like that on other shops. and here – every item is special. i like them all. no, i don’t like them – i love them! and they are really affordable.

    FB: Gintare K.
    email: gintare[dot]amber[at]gmail[dot]com

  27. My email is

    I love Choies! Such affordable pieces, and their clothing is so cute! I also love love love their jewellery, it’s really my thing :) Their shorts are the best, too!

  28. Great!
    I love Choies and love the variety of items is offering right now.


    Choies is your one stop shop where you can get both trendy and classic items.

  30. ahhh those flats are SO great!

  31. E-mail address:

    Choies offers a lot of trendy clothes where you can wear from day to night. The items are cool yet classy :) It is indeed a must have.

  32. wow upto this moment i’ve seen all kind of animal slippers but never cat&dog; it’s so unique

    choies clothes and accessories are perfect for girls. Young and fresh, formal and elegant – there is everything you need for your transition from teen to woman

  33. Choies is an amazing place for shopping online. I love almost every items on their website. I’d love to win!!

  34. Done all! Enter me please!
    They have gorgeous clothes at a really affordable price!
    Fingers crossed!

  35. I think Choies is a cool place to shop amazing stuff because they have all of the happening trends from 90s grungy style, pastels, even vintage inspired stuff!! I just love everything they sell :D

    email :

  36. I always love your posts and looks. :)

    Choies has always kept up with the latest trends. They sell items that are precious pieces once they become a part of my closet. The quality is unquestionable plus they really sell what fashionable women craves for. I want so many items every time I visit in their website. My wishlist had gone looong. :D

  37. Hello ^^

    I love your blog! I found Choies thanks to you, I really like their items!
    They have really original designs, casual, also retro and very chic, it’s what I’ve been looking for a long time in ONE online shop!

    Thanks for this giveaway! <3

  38. Wow you have a great style, dear!
    I think Choies is very adorable online shop, they have so many fashionable products with very reasonal prices :)

  39. I am a big fan of choies!!!Love their dresses!

  40. I was already a Choies follower :) Love their style
    Helen An

  41. Hi!


    Choies is one of the best online shopping websites, it offers a variety of trendy and quality pieces at an affordable price. Plus, they have very good customer services, always ready to help out!

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  42. i wanna buy a dress :)

  43. My facebook account is Carlis Gardel Smith and my email is I doscovered CHOIES.COM recently and I love the variety they offer. I have yet to buy something but I have spend hours browsing their catalogue.

  44. I registered in Choies and I think they have clothes for all tasted and good prices!
    Thank you for the giveaway! :)

  45. That cat/dog shoes are just perfect.
    What I love about Choies; they’re up to date and offer free shipping worldwide *wink*
    I am following and also registered at Choies’s.

  46. My email is
    I think choies items are very up to date, not just with worldwide fashion but also little known fashion.


    Their items are timeless, modern and eccentric.

  48. I love Choies because its very affordable price and offer free shipping without minimum order.

  49. Those sunnies are adorable!
    I really like Choies!

  50. Choies has a ton of variety and I was so surprised to see that they have US size four shoes! I can’t wait till I get my next paycheck.

  51. Choies is one of my favourite online stores!
    fb Pablo Garcia

  52. I have never purchased anything in but I just registered and really like the clothes.
    fb martina fiord //

  53. Hello. Can I still participate?
    I love your blog and Choies!
    Helen An
    fb:helen an

    I love Choies clothes! They have a great selection and I already have my eye on several of their clothes. I also already have some Choies clothes in my closet. :]

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