antique or modern?

lace, antler, painting, or spike, smoke, neon?

lace crochet shirt, chicwish 
antler bracelet, natural colour 
painting print skirt, romwe  - don’t miss their annual black friday sale HERE!
jeffrey campbell starnite wedges

spiked headband, choies
blazer, yesstyle
faux leather top, choies
silent smoke skirt, lovelysally 
charlotte olympia purse
sergio rossi sling back heels

many things to look forward to in 2013 and the release of sherlock season 3 is probably on my top 10 list. season 2 is truly tv gold and it’s a torture having to wait indefinitely for the next season! but now at least we have a scheduled premiere: fall 2013….*just* another year wait, well i can handle that.

the creator of the show released 3 teaser words few months ago for season 3: rat, wedding, bow, corresponding to 3 original sherlock stories: the giant rat of sumatra (as in the adventure of the sussex vampire), the noble bachelor and his last bow. hopefully his last bow doesn’t mean the series’ last season!


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21. November 2012 by mellowmayo
Categories: Mayodrobe, Mumblings | 10 comments

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  1. The picture on the skirt of your first outfit, is that a painting by Alma-Tadema?

  2. love the prints of the skirts, they are so cute…and the way you styled them is amazing!


  3. I utterly love your first look <3

  4. Your style it’s really collo, I love it!

    If you want, take a look to

  5. i really love your seet style! your looks are pretty.

  6. Your skirt reminded me of the frescos in Italy. I love it :)

    xx Daphne of

  7. I love your looks … your first look skirt is beautiful

    Greetings from MEXICO …. Alejandra Ochoa

  8. I loved his clothes, ever thought about selling them for their international readers? It would be a maximum.

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