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31. October 2012

onpi flats

these pony hair flats are named after my little cat, onpi. actually her name is unpi, meaning mischievous, or plain naughty in cantonese, but onpi sounds better for shoes don’t you think?

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29. October 2012

mello mary janes

soft baby pastel shoes in autumn? why not? have a sugar frosted and dreamy fall with my mello mary janes!

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27. October 2012

autumn leaves palette

if you live in a place where leaves change colors in autumn, please know that you have my envy.

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25. October 2012

marion pumps

she does look like a marion doesn’t she?

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23. October 2012

geanie bootie

i’m very happy to announce that, the sugarfree x mayo wo collection is now available for sale! there are total of 4 styles and 11 colors. i will introduce each of them to you in the next couple of days. today, may i present to you, the geanie bootie! =)

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