25. September 2014


What’s soft? The sea foam hue of my dress and the melon like, barely peach color of my lips.   And sharp? Smashbox’s Always Sharp Lip Liner which I used to create a well-defined lip shape.

Click in to learn about 3 tips to address your biggest lip concerns, and who knows, you may win the Smashbox x #chictopia #SHAPEMATTER dramatic makeup contest!

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21. September 2014


Chances are that this hello tokyo cat pursre by Kate Spade is the cutest thing I’ve ever had (umm…second to my elephant basket only maybe).

Let me know if you like this outfit more or the other one inside which is of a darker tone!

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18. September 2014



“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”

We do forget the importance of playing sometimes and On Pedder has now kindly reminded us of that with the launch of its 15th issue of Pedderzine – “Fountain of Youth”.

Reminiscent of a vintage story book, the issue celebrates the innocence and playfulness of childhood with edit of On Pedder’s aw14 shoes and handbags. Play this video by digital artist Junu Ahn to feel the fun and indulge in nostalgia for a while, you may feel younger afterwards.

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17. September 2014


Stepping in the last quarter of the year means that summer is drifting away from us, very slowly, but steadily.

I love fall, but you know how brief it is, and this summer has been a great one for me so, yes, I’m already missing it.  Click in to see my favorite moments of this summer, with the good company of Coach‘s bags and accessories!

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04. September 2014


The combo of red + pink + burgundy is one of my all time favorites.  Despite the silhouette is one of modern, the palette still manages to lend a shred of bittersweet, nostalgic sophistication to the look.

To match with the look, I applied Smashbox’s “Be Legendary Long-wear Lip Lacquer” in the shade of vivid violet, somewhat between berries and dark grapes but it’s cutesily named “Beet It”.

Simmer down and pucker up, and click in to find out more about this new line of weightless, water-resistant and long lasting of lip lacquer by Smashbox!

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